Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Very Early July 11 Podcast Ready

Preventing Falls By Adapting Your Home

Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar

You can hear the July 11 show long before it goes to air. This week, we have Kym Collins-Lee and Allyson Collins of the National Eye Institute discussing new online features that include the Eye on NEI magazine, vodcasts, and podcasts.

Also, Pris Rogers of the American Foundation for the Blind, Dr. Lisa Tekell of University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and one of her former interns, Brittany Hosser, talk about a new AFB video series called, Preventing Falls By Adapting Your Home.

There's another guest. Chris Danielsen of the National Federation of the Blind will be along to discuss Louis Braille and the Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar.

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