Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Eye on Vision on December 24

The next Eye on Vision show will air at 12 midnight and 7 PM on December 31 on FM 89.3 WYPL. The podcast for the December 31 show is already on the site.

Last 2011 EOV Podcast Ready

Dr. Mohamed Abdul-Rahman
(Photo: Ohio State University)

Dr. Marc Bosem
(Photo: CorrectVision Laser Institute, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Dr. Wiley Chambers
(Photo: American Academy of Ophthalmology)

On our last 2011 show, we have Ohio State's Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman discussing BAP1 and melanoma of the eye.

Then, Fort Lauderdale's Dr. Marc Bosem of CorrectVision Laser Institute will be along to explain LASIK and flex spending medical accounts.

Finally, the last guest will be Dr. Wiley Chambers of the Food and Drug Administration discussing the recently approved drug for macular degeneration, Eylea.

(Click Image Below) 12/31/2011 Podcast

Friday, December 16, 2011

Finally, A New Show for December 17

Dr. Nansi Jo Colley
(Photo: University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Dr. Andrew Lee
(Photo: Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX)

After a long break, on the December 17 show, we'll have Dr. Nansi Jo Colley of the University of Wisconsin-Madison discussing macular degeneration and the proteins, XPORT, rhodopsin, and TRP.

Then, Dr. Andrew Lee of the Methodist Hospital in Houston explains how lengthy space missions can affect the eyesight of astronauts.

(Click Image Below) 12/17 Podcast

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