Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dr. Dennis Clegg and SCO's MobilEYES On Halloween Show

Dr. Dennis Clegg (University of California - Santa Barbara)

MobilEYES Clinic (Southern College Of Optometry - Memphis, Tenn.)

The University of California, Santa Barbara's Dr. Dennis Clegg discusses research involving stem cell derived ocular cells being used to replace diseased cells at the back of the eye to treat age-related macular degeneration.

Then, Bailey Gurley and Christine Weinreich of Southern College of Optometry talk about the services and community outreach associated with the college's mobile eye clinic, MobilEYES.

10/31/2015 Podcast (Click Image Below)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dr. Warren Johnson, Melissa Moore, and Mickey Damelio On October 17-18 Show

Dr. Warren Johnson (Eyewear Gallery - Memphis, TN)

Melissa Moore (Eyewear Gallery - Memphis, TN)

Mickey Damelio (Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL)

Dr. Warren Johnson and Melissa Moore of Eyewear Gallery in Memphis return to discuss the conditions of eye allergies, dry eye, and pink eye.

Then, Florida State University's Mickey Damelio talks about a course, called The Blindness Experience, which teaches students what it's like to be visually impaired.

10/17/2015 Podcast (Click Image Below)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pebble HD Magnifier and Dr. Ming Wang On Columbus Day Weekend Show

Pebble HD Electronic Magnifier

Dr. Ming Wang (Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK Center - Nashville, TN)

On this Columbus Day weekend show, we have Enhanced Vision's Marc Stenzel discussing the newly redesigned portable HD magnifier, called the Pebble.

Then, Dr. Ming Wang of Nashville's Wang Vision 3D Cataract and LASIK Center talks about 3D Laser Kamra, which is a procedure that helps those over 45 with presbyopia.

10/10/2015 Podcast (Click Image Below)

Dr. Rachel Bishop and Jennifer Rothschild On Oct. 3-4 Show

Dr. Rachel Bishop (National Eye Institute - Bethesda, MD)

Jennifer Rothschild (Springfield, MO)

Dr. Rachel Bishop of the National Eye Institute discusses the NEI's part in the PREVAIL III study that explores the ebola virus's effects on the eye.

Then, author, songwriter, and speaker, Jennifer Rothschild, of Springfield, Missouri, talks about she has led an adventurous life since being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at the age of 15.

10/3/2015 (Click Image Below)

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