Thursday, December 23, 2021

Utah Electrode Array As Tool To Provide Functional Vision On December 26 Show

Dr. Richard Normann (University of Utah - Salt Lake City, UT)

Dr. Richard Normann, distinguished professor emeritus of biomechanical engineering and ophthalmology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, explains the Utah Electrode Array, which uses eyeglasses, a miniature video camera, and a microelectrode array inserted into the visual cortex to provide functional vision enabling users to make out simple shapes.

12/26/2021 Podcast (Click Image Below) 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season On December 12 Show

Braille Institute of America (Los Angeles, CA)

Maribel Spell, an instructor at Braille Institute of America, in Los Angeles, California, goes over an assortment of gift ideas including large print keyboards, large print and Braille measuring cups and spoons, large print playing cards, low vision and Braille versions of Bingo, Scrabble, and Uno, talking watches, talking clocks, Wikki Stix, and a beeping foam ball.  For more information, visit BIA's Vistas Store page.

12/12/2021 Podcast (Click Image Below) 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Smart Augmented White Cane and Non-Toxic Protein As Possible Treatment For Glaucoma On December 5 Show

Augmented White Cane (Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA)

Dr. Susan Quaggin (Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine - Chicago, IL)

Arjun Tambe, symbolic systems graduate, at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California, explains, the relatively lightweight and inexpensive Augmented White Cane, which uses many sensors to detect and identify objects and obstacles and guide users around those obstacles.

Dr. Susan Quaggin, chief of nephrology and hypertension at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, discusses how a non-toxic protein, Hepta-ANGPT1, tested in mice, could potentially be used a treatment for primary congenital glaucoma and open angle glaucoma.

12/5/2021 Podcast (Click Image Below)

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