Thursday, January 30, 2020

Hadley Educational Resources and Knoxville Native Overcoming RP on February 2 Show

Hadley (Winnetka, IL)

Chad Foster (Red Hat - Raleigh, NC)

Joan Jaeger of Hadley of Winnetka, Illinois, discusses many of Hadley's online educational resources, such as discussion groups, podcasts, and instructional videos.

Then, Knoxville native, Chad Foster, talks about overcoming blindness from retinitis pigmentosa to graduate from Harvard Business School and work for Red Hat, the world's largest open source software company.

2/2/2020 Podcast (Click Image Below)

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Stem Cell-Derived Therapy To Treat Dry AMD and Retinal Tears On January 26 Show

Dr. Angela Bosjolie (ReFocus Eye Health - Bloomfield, CT)

Dr. Kapil Bharti (National Eye Institute - Bethesda, MD)

Dr. Angela Bosjolie of ReFocus Eye Health in Bloomfield, Connecticut discusses the retina, retinal tears, and the recent eye injury suffered by Today show host, Savannah Guthrie.

Dr. Kapil Bharti of the National Eye Institute explains a clinical trial that uses patient-derived stem cells to replace dying cells in the retina to in an effort to treat the dry form of age-related macular degeneration.

1/26/2020 Podcast (Click Image Below)

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Blue Light's Effect On Eye and Sleep Patterns, Poor Diet Leading To Late Stage AMD

Dr. Phillip Yuhas (Ohio State University - Columbus, OH)

Dr. Amy Millen (University of Buffalo - Buffalo, NY)

Dr. Phillip Yuhas of the Ohio State University College of Optometry talks about blue light's true effect on the eye and sleep patterns.

Then, the University of Buffalo Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health's Dr. Amy Millen explains how a diet high in red meat and fried food can lead to an increased risk of developing late stage age-related macular degeneration.

1/19/2020 Podcast (Click Image Below)

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