Friday, December 16, 2016

Xen Glaucoma Treatment System and Bierley Products On Last 2016 Show

Dr. Alena Reznik (University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA)

MonoMouse (Bierley Associates - San Jose, CA)

ColorMouse (Bierley Associates - San Jose, CA)

KitchenMouse (Bierley Associates - San Jose, CA)

Maggie (Bierley Associates - San Jose, CA)

Dr. Alena Reznik of the University of Southern California's Roski Eye Institute explains the Xen Glaucoma Treatment System, which uses a gel stent to lower intraocular pressure.

Then, Ian Bierley of San Jose, California's Bierley Associates discusses the magnification products, MonoMouse, ColorMouse, KitchenMouse, and Maggie.

12/17/2016 Podcast (Click Image Below)

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